The team of Maples Properties of Branson, LLC and Commercial One Brokers, LLC can offer a landlord complete property management with all the services and professionalism necessary to make your investment a successful one. We offer a buffet of services that our client may select some or all of, leaving the landlord able to choose what level of activity they wish. Many of our clients turn the operation totally over to us and they simply visit the property every now and then, while others ask for our expert lease administration and tenant relations while keeping the bookkeeping and maintenance work to themselves.

Our team players have built many relationships with vendors throughout the region. With over eight hundred thousand square feet of office, retail and industrial space under our management, we have the ability to demand the best suppliers and vendors at the most competitive rates. Our buying power can help reduce the overall expenses of your property or at the very least allow for a higher quality results for the money. We have experienced almost any situation and have the experience and knowledge base, and network of suppliers and contractors to facilitate desired results. We want to manage your property like it were our own.

Who you select as a Property Manager can have a significant effect on your neighborhood and property values. It’s imperative that the Board of Directors be diligent in their recruiting and hiring of the right firm.

Our service options are flexible in order to meet varying needs of property owner associations, whether residential or commercial. Call 417-334-3149 to learn what the team at Commercial One Brokers can do for you.