5 Reasons to Bring Your Business to Branson

Branson, Missouri has earned several monikers since it’s establishment in 1912. It’s been called “The New Nashville” because of its bluegrass and country music roots. While Branson is indeed the “live music capital of the entire universe,” it’s got more than a selection of live shows to draw tourists. Branson is bustling with retailers, restaurants, hotels and one-of-a-kind attractions like museums, caves, golf courses and theme parks. 

Are you starting a business? Or are you moving your business due to cost, customer location or workforce challenges? Many factors play into finding a new location. Space, budget and customer demographics are crucial to consider for your business’s success. Luckily, Commercial One Brokers can help you find the ideal location in Branson, MO for your restaurant, shop, office or warehouse. 

What Makes Branson Special?

Bring your business home to Branson and become a part of the Ozarks’ rich history. There are plenty of things to do in Branson, MO—make your business one stop on someone’s stay. 

1. A Top Tourist Destination 

Branson welcomes more than 120,000 visitors per day for a total of 9 million plus visitors annually. These visitors come from across the country and the world to see what the area has to offer. 

COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 brought new challenges and hardships for businesses everywhere. Live theaters, retailers and hotels felt the brunt of the COVID-19 impact, and some shut their doors resulting in an availability of commercial real estate in Branson, MO. Today, the percentage of people vaccinated nationally continues to rise, and people are traveling once more. The Branson area is currently outperforming 2019’s record year tax collections and visitor numbers. Now is the prime time to move your business to this bustling destination! 

For the past several years, Branson, MO has been recognized as a top tourist destination and—despite implications from COVID-19—is recognized as such for 2021 as well. Branson is ranked No. 16 on Trip Advisor’s 2021 Traveler’s Choice Destinations, not far behind much larger contenders. Other cities on the list include New York City, Las Vegas, Key West and New Orleans. 

2. Only A Day’s Drive for Many 

Branson’s fun, family-friendly atmosphere means people feel comfortable bringing everyone along—from toddlers to grandparents. It’s only a day’s drive away for one-third of people in the United States. As people continue to factor COVID-19 risks into their travel plans, driving to a destination may be considered less of a risk than flying. While Branson’s location makes for a great road trip, the city also supports an airport. National press continuously list Branson as one of the safest destinations in the country.

3. Shopping No. 1 Activity  

Entertainment, theme parks and shopping are the three most popular reasons people visit Branson, with shopping listed as the No. 1 activity for visitors. Generally, Branson retailers experience a market that gives 12-month results in only 10 months. On average, Branson retailers generate more than $1.2 billion in sales annually, according to data from 2019. 

The Branson area lets shops and restaurants tap into a national customer base—many of whom return year after year. Branson shopping centers and malls include but aren’t limited to: 

4. Visitors Eat Out Twice A Day  

In addition to shopping, eating out is high on every visitor’s list. Food is the perfect complement to a day of adventure, and tourists expect to see unique choices. Several national chains, along with numerous regional franchises and local restaurants, call Branson home. 

For visitors staying overnight in Branson, restaurants become a crucial part of vacation planning. Visitors stayed an average of four days, eating out twice a day in 2019. If you want to open a restaurant in Branson, you can count on sales from tourists and the local population of about 11,600 people. Branson’s top 10 restaurants average more than $4 million in yearly sales. 

5. Multi-Generational Client Base 

Attractions in Branson bring in people of all ages. At Branson, there’s truly something for everyone, from young children to seniors. Many couples and their families visit Branson together for experiences that the whole family can enjoy. Some of the best things to do in Branson, MO include theme parks, outdoor activities, live shows, shopping and more! The 2021 season saw the opening of a new aquarium and the WonderWorks museum that will add to Branson’s excitement for families.

Find A Home for Your Business

Ready to find commercial real estate in Branson, MO? Commercial One Brokers has the resources and data you need to dive into the Branson commercial real estate market. Our experienced team identifies commercial spaces to help you find the perfect place for your business.

Check out our retail, restaurant and warehouse real estate listings for lease or purchase. There are plenty of business opportunities in Branson, MO, and it all starts with the right location. 

Contact Commercial One Brokers to learn more about the Branson market and what’s available in the area. 

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