What’s a Capitalization Rate in Commercial Real Estate?

A realtor shows a commercial real estate investor a multi-tenant property.

Commercial real estate investors use many metrics to measure the risk and benefits of buying a property. One of those measurements is the capitalization rate. In commercial real estate investing, the capitalization rate is a percentage that indicates the rate of return on a property.  Capitalization rates, also known as cap rates, vary depending on … Read more

Should You Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate?

A sign in a glass storefront window reads "Retail Space Available."

Is owning a commercial property better than leasing it? Should you be solely responsible for your space, or are there perks to being a tenant? Depending on your business type and goals, both options have benefits and drawbacks. Whether you purchase or lease commercial real estate hinges on your current financials, how long your business … Read more

Quick Guide to CAM Fees: Common Area Maintenance for CRE

People talk in a group in a common area of a modern commercial office building.

Multi-tenant buildings often have shared spaces that benefit all tenants on the property. Did you know tenants have to pay for the upkeep of those spaces?  When tenants move into office and retail properties, they often have to pay common area maintenance charges, more commonly referred to as CAM fees. These charges are passed from … Read more

Commercial Lease Lengths: How Long Should Your Term Be?

Exterior image of a new strip mall with empty shops waiting for tenants to sign commercial lease agreements.

Most landlords prefer signing long-term leases because it’s challenging to find tenants. Landlords would like to keep a good tenant for as long as possible. As a business owner, you may not be ready to sign a 10-year lease. How long of a lease should you sign? Should you ask for a shorter agreement or … Read more

5 Reasons to Bring Your Business to Branson

View from above of Branson, MO street traffic at night.

Branson, Missouri has earned several monikers since it’s establishment in 1912. It’s been called “The New Nashville” because of its bluegrass and country music roots. While Branson is indeed the “live music capital of the entire universe,” it’s got more than a selection of live shows to draw tourists. Branson is bustling with retailers, restaurants, … Read more

How to Calculate Percentage Rent for Retail

A young couple window shops together at a retail shopping center.

Shopping centers rely on a unique mix of tenants to draw customers. Who doesn’t enjoy grabbing a bite to eat after purchasing a pair of tennis shoes? Malls and other multi-tenant spaces allow visitors to dine, browse and receive services in one location. With multiple restaurants and retailers, these spaces expect to see more foot … Read more

4 Reasons to Shop Local This Holiday Season

Woman wearing red face mask hangs an open sign on her business's front door.

The holiday season is around the corner. It’s time for good cheer, hot chocolate, twinkling lights, family and giving the perfect gift. Your holiday shopping may look different this year due to the pandemic, but local businesses can help you find Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa gifts for everyone on your list. New Holiday Shopping Habits … Read more

Shopping Safety & Expectations for the Future of Retail

Street view of colorful storefronts and retail shops.

Retail shopping expectations are shifting as consumer habits change. Lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and general worry across the country have created a “new normal.” According to a survey from McKinsey & Company, four out of five Americans have not returned to pre-COVID activity levels. Consumers are spending more time online—working, shopping, and connecting with others. Many … Read more