Before You Sign, Check These 4 Lease Provisions

A commercial lease agreement sits on a wooden table next to a pair of glasses, money, and a pen.

Your business needs a new space, and you’ve found the perfect location. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to read your current lease carefully. You may have obligations to fulfill before you can move out of your space and into a new one. 

You should always review your old lease prior to entering a new commercial lease agreement. What provisions, or clauses, are in the lease? What do you have to do to move out? Can your landlord show the property in the meantime? Your lease agreement should provide answers to how you and your landlord will move forward. 

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How To Find The Right Location For Your Business

After finding the perfect commercial real estate property, a welcome sign hangs on the door.

Finding the right space for your business can make all the difference. You need to find a location that’s right for you and your customers. Before you begin to look for a new location, you’ll want to take your space, customer, and budget needs into consideration. Knowing the answers to these three questions can help you find the perfect place for your business.

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Why You Should Have A Store in Branson!

Images of the Branson Landing, Tager Outlets, and the Grand Village Shops

Retail has grown 3.2% average per year. Multiple retailers avg. over $450+ per sq. ft. in sales volume Daily population of more than 120,000 visitors (9M annually), market area population over 85,000, that generate over $1.2B in retail sales per year. Ranked as the 17th best US vacation destination by Trip Advisor. Exposure to a … Read more

Be A Hero. Recommend Branson To Your Clients!

Night time shots of the Branson strip, Hilton hotel, ferris wheel, and rooftop bar.

Year-round market that produces 12-month results in 10. Over 9 million annual buyers who eat out at least twice a day with shopping as the #1 visitor activity. 85,000 market area population. A top rated trip advisor US Vacation destination. See all available properties, not just our listings. We provide all the visitor, resident demographics … Read more

9M Visitors Eat Out Twice Per Day

Collage of food offerings at Lakeside Shops.

Multiple national restaurant concepts have their top producing stores in Branson. The top 10 Branson restaurants average over $4 million in 2016. The top 10 Branson fast food concepts average over $2.2 million in sales last year. This community of just 12,000 population supports 5 successful McDonalds, several locations produce over $4M+ in Sales. Coming … Read more